Running from being grounded? Check.
Meeting the cool boyfriend disregarding the parents' forbiddance? Check.
Understanding what your destiny is for the first time?..
Using your supernatural powers to the scale you have never thought you were capable of?..

Young Dana Reeves has never thought that her sweet and long-awaited meeting with John would be interrupted by Nature's plea for justice...
But there she is, in the dark, scary woods, facing the old enemy of her parents... Engaged in activities against all Nature's laws.
With the adults being busy in their Keepers deals, Dana has to decide whether she is willing to step up and take the responsibility...
To become the real Great Keeper.
(Drown is a young adult short story taking place between the events of Shake and Freeze, before the events of the subscriber-exclusive Christmas Eve Frenzy story).

Here is what the readers tell about the series...

"It is one more example of why I am now a Dystopian fan: it's simply great writing. I loved it".
"Give yourself a treat and read this".
"I read this book in about an hour and a half, I enjoyed it that much. (...) I hope you enjoy as much as I did. I am going to go find book two now."

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